The Broad’s side of sex toys

People tend to get really uncomfortable and embarrassed when it comes to the whole sex toy topic of conversation. I can see why…It’s not like this is subject matter for the checkout lane at the local Target. With that being said, I don’t feel that it’s THAT big of a deal. I saw my first vibrator when I was five or six years old rummaging through my mom’s nightstand. My parents had momentarily forgotten that I was alive because the new baby was soaking up all of their attention. They’d soon be sorry that they lost track of me. I found it and decided that it was the perfect rocket ship for Malibu Barbie. As I made my grand entrance at the ‘Welcome Baby’ dinner party with my new astronaut Barbie, I was perplexed by my mother’s reaction. She was crying and carrying on like nothing I’d ever seen before. Jesus, I had Barbie working for NASA… not swinging on some pole at the ‘Crazy Horse’. How was she not beaming about her amazingly imaginative child? Shit, I had even painted USA on the side in red nail polish. How was I anything less than a genius? All I know is that my grandparents seemed horrified, but some of the friends and neighbors were laughing their asses off. Thirty years later, I stand by the fact that I saved that dreary party. My mom never spoke of it again, but ten years later I stumbled upon another one. This time, I was a smart-assed teenager and I called her out on it. Her classic response was that it was a muscle massager, and she actually turned it on and put it on the back of her neck to demonstrate. I was so satisfied by her obvious discomfort, that I let her slide. Every time she had a complaint about her neck, back or anything else you can imagine for the next ten years, I’d tell her to go ‘vibrate it away’.

After I got divorced, there was an incident where my brand new piece of shit bed frame from Value City had broken. There was a rotted piece of wood in the frame that caused it to essentially fall apart. I was really busy at work and couldn’t commit to the four hour window for repairs. My friend was a school teacher and was off for the summer, so she graciously offered to sit at my house and wait for the repair man. When he arrived, she exchanged pleasantries and led him back to my bedroom to check out the frame. I had inadvertently left my ‘silver bullet’ vibrator on top of my dresser next to the bed, and she noticed as soon as she walked in the door. She made several pathetic attempts to divert the repairman’s attention and conceal the shiny sex toy. As she found herself standing there next to the broken bed with a vibrator in plain sight, she just blurted out ‘I don’t live here!”

After this incident, my friend couldn’t help but think about the fact that I might be on to something with the whole sex toy thing. At 37, she had never owned one and was ready to take the leap. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask for a professional consultation before she did her online shopping at http://www.shoperotic.com. It took her about a dozen Miller Lights to muster up the courage to place the internet order. Several days later the package arrived in nondescript paper bag porno wrap. I convinced her to show me her selections. She had opted for something called the ‘clit flicker’, a plastic 12 inch penis- shaped vibrator with a suction cup on the bottom and one other random item. There was also a package of anal beads that didn’t appear anywhere on the receipt. I immediately deemed it all crap and demanded to know what the return policy was. It turns out, that all that was required was a letter of explanation e-mailed to their customer service department. I offered to draft the letter myself and assist her in the re-ordering process. My letter went a little something like this…

Dear Erotic Peeps,
“Thank you so much for the speedy processing of my erotic sex toy order. In my state of inebriation, I inadvertently ordered something called the ‘clit flicker.’ After thoughtful consideration and some time to sober up, it turns out that I’m fully capable of flicking my own clit, so I won’t be needing it. As far as the suction cup vibrator, it seems as though that would only work on surfaces such as windows, and I’m not sure the neighbors or people in passing cars on the morning commute would appreciate that. If I ever invest in a glass top coffee table, I might reconsider, but for now it just isn’t practical. It was very thoughtful of you to include the complimentary anal beads, but I just wouldn’t feel right keeping those. Thanks again for providing the superior level of customer service one would only expect from the pornography industry.”

Men should definitely embrace the sex toy movement as well. It can only benefit them. I’m not talking about blow up dolls with the surprised look on their faces or those ‘pocket pussy’ things you plug into the wall. There’s a fine line between healthy sexuality and David Carradine. Nobody’s asking you to learn how to tie a slip knot. Just relax, and don’t assume that this is a measure of your inadequacy. You’re not competing with the vibrator. There will be no duel at sunset. As for me, I’ve had too many embarrassing experiences to count, but at least a few have come courtesy of a sex toy… and it’s NEVER in sexual situations. Let’s see, how do you think airport security responds to having one in your purse? I forgot it was there. It didn’t help matters that it happened a few short months after 9/11. I’m probably still on the dildo terror ‘watch list.’ In my defense, I was only trying to spare myself the embarrassment of the movers finding it AGAIN! No matter where I stash it, it inevitably surfaces during a move. I’ve also brought it to work. Thank god I got the security guard that really sucks at bag checks. That makes me feel really secure at the office. I think it was actually vibrating at the time. I was debating trying to pass it off as my cell phone…pull it out and say hello into it. I probably could have made it past this guy with the foot long, suction cup variety.


5 Responses to “The Broad’s side of sex toys”

  1. November 9, 2009 at 10:02 am

    ive always wondered why there is such gender inequality with sex toys. every single woman i know has stash in their nightstand drawer, and this is perfectly acceptable. but for some reason if you find a fake ass under a guy’s bed, it’s just WEIRD. i’m not advocating; i am just saying i know women who name their dildos and feel comfortable bringing them to bed. imagine a man trying to introduce his fleshlight into a sexual escapade?

    just sayin ,-)

    • 2 Jen J
      November 9, 2009 at 3:02 pm

      I could spend days on fleshlight.com. Their selling points are hilarious! It’s discreet, because who’d ever know there’s a mold of a porn star’s vag inside the flashlight casing? Bonus… It’s dishwasher safe! That’s great stuff. Thanks for reminding me about that site.

  2. 3 Jim L
    November 10, 2009 at 10:12 am

    I’ve been the “moving guy” a couple of times, where I’ve been at a friends house and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the pocket rocket. I personally could care less, and to be honest it’s a turn on that a woman owns it and uses it! Don’t be embarrassed, it’s supposed to be fun! As a man I don’t get embarrassed if a woman knows I’m dating Rosey Palmer and her 5 sisters…so what’s the big deal? Embrace it! Haha…

  3. 5 E
    November 16, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    Speaking of sex toys… I get these old people catalogs because I made the mistake of ordering a stool with wheels on it, thinking I could use it while making dinner and not have to stand after a long day at work. Really, it’s for people who can barely walk. The whole catalog is full of these items – walkers that turn into seats, Bibles on CD, magnetic toilet bowl cleaners – and let’s not forget “Just a Drop” to kill poop odor as soon as it hits the toilet water!! But it’s full of things to make elderly life easier. But wait… get to the middle of the catalog and Hmmm…the Lilac Dreams “Massager” – yes people, it’s a lavender penis that claims to feel like real skin! There are also love bug ticklers with pleasure nubs (these look like butterflies and lady bugs)and a “power strip” men can put under their tongues – much like the Listerine breath strips – that use amazing technology to give you a powerful erection in mere minutes!!
    I don’t know about you, but I for one do not want to think of Gammy and Papa using these things, alone or on eachother. IDK though…I guess they need orgasms too. But powerful ones ?… c’mon!!!

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