Quit Your Twitter Bitching

It seems that every news piece lately has the following… “The comments sparked outrage on Twitter” or “The Twitterverse was in an uproar”. Are you kidding me? Why is it that every time someone makes a comment we don’t agree with, the answer is to launch a Twitter attack against said person or organization, whether or not their statement has any merit? Ultimately that person removes the ‘offensive’ tweet and issues some sort of half-assed apology just to shut everyone up. It’s asinine, really.

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My first example is a tweet by ‘Supernatural’ star, Jared Padelecki regarding the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. He called the famous actor’s demise due to a heroin overdose ‘senseless’ and ‘stupid’. OK… where’s the problem here? Was sticking a needle in his arm smart and sensible in your world? Did I miss some sort of PSA in the 90s that claimed heroin was awesome for your health? Does it have Vitamin C and I’ve been missing out all these years? The point is that PSH made a conscious decision somewhere along the line to do something that he knew was horrible and potentially life threatening. I’m 100% confident that I will not die of a heroin overdose. Do you know why? Probably because I would never make the decision to partake in heroin the first time. It’s really that simple.

Before you go throwing your addiction arguments at me… I get it. I fully comprehend the evils of addiction. Once again, that’s not going to be a issue for me because I would NEVER DO HEROIN. Problem solved. I’m fairly confident that if I tried it, I would become an addict… most do. There’s one less thing I have to worry about killing me. Have you ever seen it glamorized? It doesn’t look like a good time to me at all. It’s not like you’re the life of the party after you shoot up. You basically pass out in an Lazy Boy recliner and hope you don’t cease breathing entirely. Sign me up! That sounds like a blast. People are so quick to defend PSH because he was relevant. Look, I really liked him in ‘Capote’ too, but this death was in fact stupid and senseless. If anything, Padelecki should be applauded for having the balls to say what he believes. With that being said, anytime someone dies it’s sad and I’m probably going to watch as many PSH movies as Netflix will allow in the immediate future as a tribute. If it was your friend, brother or daughter who OD’d, do you think there would have been arrests immediately following the death? Or would the police just chalk it up to another junkie pushing the limits? His celebrity does not make this acceptable. I lost a very close friend to a heroin overdose a little over a year ago. How very stupid and senseless. That statement doesn’t mean that I loved that guy any less.

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Some of you may have also seen the terribly offensive tweet (to some) by Purell on Super Bowl Sunday. They compared the performance of the Denver Broncos to the Cleveland Browns! Oh, the horror! Someone called our shitty football team shitty? We need to stand up for ourselves, damn it! Ok… umm, what do we say? This is what they mean by bringing a knife to a gun fight. We’ve got nothing, my friends. When you haven’t won a championship in 50 years and the Team Shop sells generic jerseys so you can write in the starting QB’s name in sharpie from week to week (ok, I made that part up), you really don’t have a leg to stand on. Their assessment is fairly accurate, so I for one am a bit perplexed by the reaction of some of our Cleveland fan base. It’s great to have team pride, but roll with the punches when someone calls a spade a spade. Purell did the pussy thing and removed the tweet. God forbid someone’s feelings were hurt. Uh-oh… Twitter got mad again!

Social media (especially Twitter) has made us all a bit more likely to have these types of reactions. You can hide behind your Twitter handle and say reprehensible things to people, simply because you don’t agree with them. Sweet! Maybe if a shit ton of you get together and harass people, you can bully them into retracting their original comment based solely on the fact that it’s not what you want to hear. Maybe you can make a famous person change their ways! Like it or not, interracial families will still eat Cheerios together and people who don’t speak English will continue to live in America while guzzling 2 liters of Coke, whether or not your Twitter bitching continues. So… carry on. I’m sure there’s a Kardashian doing something you hate at this very moment. Better get on that.


1 Response to “Quit Your Twitter Bitching”

  1. February 7, 2014 at 3:04 am

    I use Twitter as a case study in all things current.

    Like it or not, the venue is here to stay… for now.

    On a considerably less serious matter, one can look at the Twitter uproar that Richard Sherman created after his game-wining play (and subsequent rant) in the NFC Championship Game.

    The good about Twitter is that is gives us an ‘in’ to the person who’s expressing his (or her) opinion in 140 characters or less.

    In the end, it’s another form of media… and if we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s to take anything we hear from the ‘media’ with a grain of salt.

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