Dear Beyoncé 

I’ve always been rather inspired by you. You’re strong, success driven and undeniably beautiful. I watched your Lemonade videos and I identified with you on a very personal level. I felt every ounce of your pain. It made you very human in my eyes. I felt connected to you through the relationship ups and downs we all experience. I was impressed by your bravery when it came to exposing cracks in your own foundation. Thank you for that. 

I wanted to believe we were the same… Had common ground. That’s what I teach my daughter. We’re all just human beings, running the rat race. However, tonight you showed me that you don’t view things the same way. You implicitly made this about the power of black women. Granted, I’m not a black woman, but I’ve spent a great deal of my time as a parent ensuring that my daughter doesn’t even have a fleeting thought like that. She’s ten years old, and one of her dearest friends, Samaya is a black girl. I can promise you that she has no idea that’s different. Or important. I can only hope your message doesn’t change that for them. I didn’t think you and I were all that different… Until today. 

I’m all for empowerment, Beyoncé. I believe that women should be strong. I believe that people should be true to their heritage or religion… Or whatever else is important to them. I guess I just don’t understand why we can’t do that collectively, as human beings. I can tell you this, if Samaya were to decide to empower herself as strong and black vs just being a great kid, hearts would be wounded. Your project was absolutely amazing. The music, the heart wrenching lyrics and overall presentation was undeniably fantastic. I’m just having trouble with the fact that it’s 2016 and we can’t just view people as people. 


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