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Pee Party at Target!

I know this will come as a shock, but I have an opinion about something. As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed tonight, I happened upon some posts regarding a petition to boycott Target based on their willingness to let transgender individuals use the public restroom of their choosing. All I can say is that I really hope every one of the idiots who make this promise stay true to their word. I want some sort of pinky swear oath that this is a sincere movement. How glorious would that be? There’s a way to get all of the bigoted, simple-minded A-holes completely out of Target? Jackpot! Why didn’t we think of this sooner? This is the best news I’ve heard in ages.

I’m going to take a minute to try and understand the mentality of these people. Please bear with me, because I’m not fluent in bigotry and unacceptance of our fellow man. What I’m gathering here is that there’s a fear that allowing transgendered people who identify as female (but possess a penis)  into a women’s restroom will likely make the Target bathroom pedophilia rate skyrocket. I couldn’t find the current data, but I’m sure your local police department probably has documentation on the enormous number of such crimes. I mean, obviously all people who were born male, but identify as female are out to rape society’s youth in public restrooms, right? That makes perfect sense! I’m not an expert, but I’m willing to bet that these folks have been using those bathrooms all along. Oh, the horror! Your children have been precariously close to being diddled at Target for YEARS! Gasp! I’m sure the probability of being in the Target bathroom at precisely the same time as a transgendered person is overwhelmingly huge.

The bathroom bouncers clearly weren’t doing their jobs effectively. There should be an active penis screening upon entry to any public urination station. Wait… There aren’t bathroom bouncers? How can that be? Are you telling me that literally ANYONE can walk into the Target bathroom undetected at any given time? Well, that’s just crazy talk. What are we going to do about all the pedophiles wearing pants with goatees strolling into women’s bathrooms? I can only imagine that’s a huge problem as well.
I have an outlandish idea… Just hear me out. What if we all commit to being responsible parents and don’t let our young children enter public facilities unattended? I know that sounds ludicrous, but it just may work. This will stop the rash of transgender bathroom molestations once and for all. Do you know ONE person who’s experienced something like that? I’m confident that’s equatable to knowing someone who received some of Zuckerberg’s Facebook inheritance a few months back.
I am personally super excited for all of these people to immediately start hanging out in Wal-Mart bathrooms. The last time I was in one of those, I think I saw a goat. I didn’t make a big stink over it because I’m sure there’s probably a goat policy that really isn’t any of my business. Who am I to ruin that goat’s day? He or she (I didn’t ask) wasn’t hurting anyone. Kudos to Target for your inclusion policies. I applaud your efforts to make our communities a little less hateful. Who wants to meet me at Target to pee? We can get Starbucks first!

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